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About Us

Designs to make you smile.

This fused glass work is hand crafted with love in Cumbria. The glass is hand cut from large sheets of coloured glass, layered into the particular design and then fired in a kiln, sometimes several times. Once fired it is titivated (ribbons, labels added etc.) and is then ready to bring a smile to your home.

Every single piece really is a one-off, one of a kind!

I first fancied a go at glass work when I saw Kirstie Allsopp do a stained glass panel in her homemade home series. I first dabbled in the wonderful world of glass on 11th October 2011, when I joined 'glass class' at Northern Lights in Kendal. I got the glass bug so badly I had to buy my own kiln and set up at home. I have not looked back since.

Since I started in 2011, a lot has changed - I have met a great guy, got married and had an amazing little girl. I made the decision to give up my job as a paramedic to bring up my little girl and try to increase my glassiness. Making glass is limited now just to the day my daughter is at nursery but I am still going strong and hope to keep bringing you lovely glass that makes you smile.

Most recently, I now have a few non-glass products that use some of my favourite little characters and designs from my glass.  I am only just dipping my toe into this pond, so only have a few products to start with, but hope to increase this range as time goes by.  These include enamel pin badges of my La’al Bird and Busy Bee, Zip Pullers and a Notebook.  All of these feature some of my favourite glass characters or designs.  I am super excited to bring these items to you, and I love how they look, I hope you do too.  Have a look at ‘The La’al Bird Company’ tab on the website.

If you like any of the items seen, please come and visit me at any of the craft fayres listed, send me a message or email me at Payment can be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Thanks for looking,

Jo  :o)

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