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Standing Wave - L'al Birds & Heart - Fused Glass Art

Standing Wave - L'al Birds & Heart - Fused Glass Art


This was one of my earliest designs and is still going strong.  This features two of my l'al birds and a heart between them.  (l'al is Cumbrian for little!)  

These love birds can be done in a range of colours and in your choice of transparent or opaque glass.  The wave is free standing so it will fit lovely on a shelf or windowsill, in fact anywhere with a flat surface.

Can also be done as a flat piece with a hanger upon request.  

You will not be buying this exact wave, but each wave will be slightly different in design and/or colours as each piece is individually handmade.

Approximate size: 10cm tall x 24cm long.

These items are made to order, so please contact me to discuss your colour ideas, or if you want a flat hanging panel.

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